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Business Strategy Movie Review: The Wolverine

Business Strategies as YOUR Business Rescue Coach
invites you to the movies:

What can the movie, “The Wolverine” (2013)
teach about business strategy?

Today, we share a Business Strategy, or three, via “The Wolverine” (2013) movie. (poster image by

First I want to share that this movie is definitely for the ladies too! Matter in fact a women suggested I see and review it for you. I thought it was very well done and the heroines surprised me. There was plenty of action that our beloved boys and men love, AND there was a very different and intriguing storyline with a good plot here. This Wolverine movie is different from the other X-Men movies, and there’s just enough of a new story line to tie in something from that series. The movie will surprise you and give you some great insight into this character… it has it all, tenderness and action, good vs. evil,and tradition vs. cutting edge advancements! It will be worth the view 🙂

“The Wolverine” BUSINESS STRATEGY #1
AWARE: Being Alert Provides Helpful Clues

Wolverine, or Logan, is a rather aware guy. He seems to notice everything… even the small little details in the artwork or a couple’s glance at a funeral. Everything matters. What is even more amazing is how he then knows how to respond to his circumstances!

Do you pay attention to the little things the things that make a difference? Do you notice want is being said as well as what isn’t being said? These are important skills to guide us through a process or our day effectively and efficiently. Consciously commit to showing up aware of what is occurring around you and see how it may be applicable to your personal and professionally  success. Are you as alert as Wolverine?

SELF CONTROL: Knowing Your Capabilities

Our beloved superhero, Wolverine, has some temperament issues to master. He is always looking for a fight. One of the reasons he is successful at winning a fight is because he has mastered our first business strategy. Additionally, as Wolverine understands his capabilities he know which fight to pick and when. That timing thing is also important, but we will save that for another movie 🙂

Wolverine’s capabilities are inconsistent throughout this story line. This makes him more aware of what he is and isn’t capable of accomplishing… and yet, he still tries to push himself when he knows he must.

Do you push yourself too far or just enough? (I admit it- I do both!) Do you know your capabilities? When you push yourself is it to the point of accomplishment or exhaustion? Do you know how to say, “no”, or better yet, apply it when necessary? Remember, you can’t do it all – call in the experts to help you as often as you can so you can get back to doing what you do best 🙂

HONORING TRADITION: The Value of Appreciation

When Wolverine asks one of the characters why she is wearing traditional Japanese attire, she shares that it’s important to honor tradition and history as you create the future. (Yes, I’m paraphrasing considerably here.) Again, I’ll mention the thousands year old art work. Had Wolverine not inquired about it, he wouldn’t have understand the tradition he was to experience (this honoring of tradition help him save lives). Furthermore, when the Doctor was trying to create something that was cutting edge, she still needed something rather traditional to make it function.

When you create something new, do you honor the truth’s of the past and make sure their value is infused into your new creations? Do you take the good of the old and meld it with the good of the new to create anew? (I do honor traditional business practices with cutting edge and creative ideas to customize what my clients need. It provides multi-potent tools for them.) How do you meld tradition with cutting edge to optimize your results?

Take a moment to kill this coach’s curiosity… Please share how you’re honoring tradition to create something new and awesome – take a moment to answer in the comment section,  Let’s see how creative we can be together 🙂


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  1. This does not apply to business but when we purchased our land and move here in 2001, I wantd to honor the old and yet create something new. I started with one particular garden. I used some old parts from the original homestead in this garden. (In one far field I found the original homestead spot, and around the area I found an old metal headboard and footboard…and parts of an old firewood stove. ) I brought back some of the pieces and placed them in this new area where I then planted new flowers etc… I felt I was honoring the original homesteaders but also allowing space for me to create something new with it. It was wonderful!

    1. Thanks for the sharing… yes, this is totally the application of the concept! I’m sure others realize they do similar things as you described… I just saw one today as I walked through a facility. There was the original founder of the business in a photo, there were images of his major professional accomplishments, and plenty of taxidermy to honor the tradition of the founder while in the space of the current leadership. I think once we tune into these things we begin to notice this type of honoring everywhere.

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