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Business Strategy Movie Review: The Lone Ranger

Business Strategies as YOUR Business Rescue Coach
invites you to the movies:

What can the movie, “The Lone Ranger” (2013)
teach about business strategy?

Today, we share a Business Strategy, or three, via “The Lone Ranger” (2013) movie.

The Lone Ranger Movie image by IMDb by Business Rescue Coach of www.BrilliantBreakthroughs.com
The Lone Ranger Movie image by IMDb

It appears there is some chatter that The Lone Ranger isn’t one of Hollywood’s best. My husband and I disagree! I agree that the movie was long, and we tend to like more complex stories. I agree that Tonto’s story was a very important part of the movie’s plot, as it should be because he was the one telling the story. I agree that there was violence- not any more than other blockbusters, but it wasn’t Disney’s “Apple Dumpling Gang” either.  Westerns tend to have good and bad guys and usually some gun-fighting and death occurs…

I also agree that it revealed the greed of men who managed the railroad construction and I agree that it brought up a very dark part of our county’s history of the atrocity of white man’s prejudice. I do understand that most Americans don’t want to own this part of history. I also understand that younger generations don’t understand the fundamental elements of western movies, which appear to be rather foreign to them… interesting, they can watch violent futuristic movies but when it comes to our violent history, it’s not acceptable. hmmm….

All that being said, we thought the humor and quirky character of Tonto was critical to assisting some of the rather intense reality of the western development of America. The Lone Ranger’s story was rather interesting and Tonto’s story, was rather touching and revealed his “little off-ness” or quirkiness, yet trusting manner to his new partner, The Lone Ranger. I won’t spoil it so I will stop here… it’s worth the viewing 🙂  Hope you enjoy the 3 Business Strategies below 🙂


“The Lone Ranger” BUSINESS STRATEGY #1
SUPPORT: Everyone Needs This

Whether you watch The Lone Ranger’s or Tonto’s character, you witness how doing it alone just doesn’t provide the same strength and impact as having support. Support comes in many shapes and sizes: a partner, a team, a mentor, a coach, or an adviser… they do make a difference on how you perform.

The Lone Ranger needed guidance to step into his new identity and role. He needed all sorts of help along the way. Tonto was his guide, partner, and mentor on a myriad of circumstances. He wouldn’t have become so courageous, bold, and successful had he not listened to Tonto’s wisdom and applied it.

Do you try to go it alone? Sometime we forget that there are people who can significantly assist us to perform more effectively and efficiently if we just slow down, think who can help us, swallow our pride, and ask them for such assistance. Do you have 2 or 3 different go-to-pros to help you with your different areas of needs to secure your business success? Do you have an overall person overseeing and strategizing all the different pieces of your business puzzle so you don’t unknowing duplicate efforts or have to back track on things? If you are still busy being The Lone Ranger of your workplace, call me and let’s see what type of insanity we can rescue you from 🙂


RESPONSIVENESS:  Rising to the Occasion

Our Super hero, The Lone Ranger and his sidekick Tonto were consistently responsive to their circumstances. In there case, as I imagine it was even 100 years ago, it often was the matter of life of death. Today, we don’t have the same ongoing situation of consistent life or death situations, but we do have ongoing stress. This ongoing stress seems to be dying a slow death versus back in the days. Think back for a moment of every super hero, or hero in any storyline – they always exhibit 2 elements: responsiveness and mastery at a particular skill or capability. This is what makes them a superhero 🙂

OK, let’s all just admit it – some people do this much better than others. Take a moment and ponder about the person who does this really well – to the point of noteworthy. Are you as responsive as they are? Is being responsive one of your core competencies that you market? (I have one client who does this) What can you possibly do differently to be noteworthy in this area? What skills or capabilities do you need to master to be a superhero in the eyes of others?


DIRECTION: Finding YOUR True Path

The Lone Ranger thought he was going down one professional path and then, abruptly through a bizarre chain of events (as it is with most of us), he found himself down a path to his destiny. This was uncharted territory for The Lone Ranger (did you get it? “lone” as in alone)… he didn’t know what to do, nor did he know how to do it well. It wasn’t until his guide and mentor, Tonto, started to show him the range, the ropes, and the characters on his particular path that The Lone Ranger began to notice how he could effectively serve in this new direction. The cool thing is The Lone Ranger’s new direction catapulted him in super hero status!

What do you need to do to catapult yourself into super hero or legendary status? …Even if it means being a legend in your own mind 🙂  The funny thing about this we are already a legend and/or superhero in the minds of others mind! So what super powers do you have? What secret capabilities do you hold? 

Quick client story: Last night I was in conversation with a client of 2 years and they revealed to me that they had this one really cool certification (and how they enjoy doing this work). It never came up before and it is quite marketable and will provide great credibility to her work. She could definitely utilize this as a business strategy… as well as a potential revenue stream! this could possibly even become her primary revenue stream; however, it is an unknown super power to her ideal customers now because she hasn’t publicly walked down that path yet. So today I’m imagining she will be exploring her new path and we will start creating a marketing plan for this new service. If any of this sounds like you, it’s time to quit torturing yourself, relief is justa dial or click away!


Take a moment to kill this coach’s curiosity… Please take a moment to answer in the comment section,  “What is your super power? Do you know how to lasso it and effectively share it to your customers?”  Let’s see how creative we can be together 🙂


Brought to you by:
The Business Rescue Coach, Maggie Mongan
of Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.


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  1. My super power is my relationship with “The Divine”, “God” what ever one ones to call “The power of Love”.

    1. Thanks! It’s just a natural gift of mine. Here’s a little secret: I usually have a very hard time narrowing it down to 3 Business Strategies! Remember, during the holidays or rainy days, just enter “movies” in the search button of the blog and all the movies I’ve reviewed will appear. Right now there’s about 25 movies and there isn’t one that you won’t appreciate watching 🙂

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