October 2


Business Strategy: Celebration Time!

When did you last celebrate a success?
Curious why you should celebrate successes?

Blue Ribbon
Blue Ribbon

Are your best business strategies letting you down? Last week, I achieved a professional milestone. This blog posted its 200th post! YAY!!! Pretty fantastic,  huh? When I realized I was comping up on it I thought gee this is pretty significant… 200 postings. I am totally in awe of the commitment I have to staying with you via this blog 🙂  So let’s move on and talk about celebrations…

How often have you had a wonderful success (are there any others?), which you didn’t celebrate? Celebrations are important because they motivate AND inspire us simultaneously. I know you’re already aware of this, but what about the application of it to improve your business’s performance?

Your business is a reflection of the people who work on/for/with it. So, if you and your team are performing well and are productive, most likely your business will follow your lead. Disclaimer: sometimes there is a lag. If you keep yourself and your team enjoying the progress you are achieving, why not take a moment and celebrate? Why not show your appreciation? Why not allow it to be the fuel, or even accelerant for your next project? You do realize there is only one correct answer here, right?

If you haven’t done this yet, or haven’t in a while, I encourage you to become creative and make your celebration high-impact-zany, with frivolity! If you need some additional motivation, go to my 200th post (which I specifically chose to write about for this milestone), as it is filled with inspiration and motivation, while adding a good dose of humor and creativity: Salmon Fishing on the Yemen Movie Review post.


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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
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