April 24


Business Strategy: Become an old dog and learn a new trick


The Business Rescue Coach asks about YOUR Business Strategy:
Do you take time to learn new things?

Are you still considered cutting-edge at something?


Business Strategy… we hear this phrase often and know it will some how help our business,

Business Strategy Bests
Old Dog Learning Business Strategies

right? But everyone still asks… Do business strategies really work? Absolutely, when you work them 🙂 What on earth am I speaking about? Well you can get a great business strategy, and then not follow-up on it. Thus, you really aren’t working the strategy… and it will be rendered ineffective!

Why is it just so hard to take the necessary actions to bring a new business strategy to life? Well, it’s usually because we need to create new habits and with that we typically have a new thing or two to learn.

Now I realize I haven’t offered an article for your review in a while and that’s going to change today for a reason…  I still have one arm in a sling! I’m thinking this is a great time to have another writer share her brilliant wisdom of a practical application with you. So let’s have a little fun learning a new trick or two each day… after all, old dogs become, well, very old if they aren’t learning 🙂 Unless you are ready to hang it up this year, please review the following article by Laura Vanderkam at CBSNews.com: The best question to ask yourself each night . Then, in the below comment section feel free to share whatever you wish on this topic – it’s a free for all!

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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
The Business Rescue Coach, Maggie Mongan
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