January 24


Business Strategy and Tip:Week 1/24/2014

Business Strategies & Tips for Next Week!

Here’s your one Business Strategy:

“When you go in search of honey, you must expect to get stung by bee.”
~Kenneth Kaunda

Application of this Business Strategy for YOU:

As our next post is our final post for this month’s topic of goals, I thought this was most appropriate 🙂 Intellectually, we understand change isn’t always easy. We even know that when we set out to change something in our life other things happen along the way. Right? But it’s what happens when all these little “speed bumps”, or “blips” as I like to call them, happen amidst our day to day living. This is what molds us into who we really are. The stings you encounter, to get to the honey you seek, are surely worth it… the stinging will lessen and the sweetness of the honey will endure. The choice is yours! I’d like to suggest: Choose to support your success by choosing the best business strategy for your circumstance 🙂

“Don’t be an agent for change; be the agent OF change.” ~Maggie Mongan

 Quotes of Change for Your Business Strategies…

“Beware of what you set your heart upon. For is shall surely be yours.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson, author

“The distance between you and your dreams is often the length of a single idea.” ~Vic Conant, executive

“I didn’t get where I am by thinking about it or dreaming about it. I go there by doing it.” ~Estee Lauder

“Energy and persistence conquer all things.”~Ben Franklin

Business Strategy: CHANGE
Business Strategy: CHANGE


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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
Maggie Mongan, Business Rescue Coach

Brilliant CEO & Founder
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.


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