October 25


Business Strategy: #1 Growth & Prosperity Strategy

Green Bay Packers Teach Business a Valuable Strategy Lesson

On Sunday I  was watching the Green Bay Packers play football against the Minnesota Vikings. While I was watching how the Packers (last year’s Super Bowl Champs for those of you who don’t follow football), I noticed how effortlessly the Packers were following their leader down the field to their objective. They seemed to be enjoying “playing” the game – pardon the pun!

I was thinking about how the Packers are always focused on heavily working their strengths and equal focused on minimizing their weaknesses. And as if the sportscaster was hearing me think, he announced, “The Packers always play to their strengths and know their opponents weaknesses. That’s one of Coach McCarthy’s best points…. Each week he is always changing up the plays, depending upon the opponents weaknesses…. He’s without a doubt the best Coach to use this strategy”.

OK, now that was a little freaky because I just said essentially all that to my son, but I didn’t know that Coach McCarthy is known for this . I guess something a little freaky shouldn’t have surprised me since we are moving into the week of Halloween 🙂

In fact, I was a little blown away with how they were talking about this being such an exceptional thing for a Coach to do! Say what? I always thought this is what the coaching team’s purpose is: to maximize the team’s strength and minimize the opponent in all areas! Isn’t this what we expect from businesses? Isn’t this what we call “strategy”?

Alright, you are noticing that I’m a little frustrated at the expectation of this being scrutinized for one type of organization, but not for another. That’s right, football teams are often referred to an organization. I’m just so curious – why the double standard?

Regardless of the double standard, the most important point for you to take away from this posting is:

What are my strengths and how I am playing with
them to maximize my profitability?
What is it that my competitors are not doing well?

Why is this question: What is it that my competitors are not doing well is so important to your strategy? It helps you understand potential possibilities to grow your business. Remember the granddaddy of modern business, Peter Drucker, states, “There are two focuses for every successful business: prosperity and growth.”


1. Take the time to identify and even fortify your business’s strengths.

2. Evaluate your competition. Discover where they have gaps in the services.

3. Develop a plan to grow your business by fulfilling the gaps of your competition.

If you or your business needs rescuing on this particular topic
or any other Business Strategies we have been discussing,
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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
The Business Rescue Coach, Maggie Mongan
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.


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