Book: The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success, Wayne Breitbarth, 2011

If you are interested, or more appropriately “need to” beef up your social media activity to boost your and your business visibility- join LinkedIn and buy this book. Why LinkedIn? It is where the greatest portion of virtual business is occurring. Why Wayne’s book? Besides being a very funny guy and quite personable, Wayne’s book […]

Self-Discovery Clues of a Business Branding and Image

Welcome back! Remember that Business Identity crisis thingy I was talking about? Well, it was an enormous awareness for me to bring through The Business Rescue Coach! I am a Business Strategist or, more appropriately as I recently learned, a Master Business Strategist because I help my clients become brilliant strategists of their own businesses. […]

Brilliant Breakthroughs Introduces The Business Rescue Coach

Hello Business Owners & Managers! If you or your business needs rescuing or want to learn more about business strategies in a fun, practical and tactical manner than you found a great spot to subscribe. I strongly encourage everyone to engage in the conversation so we can all learn together 🙂 Have you ever had […]