Business Resource: Quick Rebuild Tips from Now Successful Business Owners Article

By Maggie Mongan | Leadership & Management

Jan 16

Your Business Rescue Coach asks You:
Are you a leadership or management dinosaur?
Are you current with your management practices?

OK, sometimes our best business strategies need a little dusting off and we need to look

Change Key


around and see what may be better than what we are currently practicing. When was the last time you did an industry check-in to see if you are up to date? Good news, you don’t have to!

This wonderful writer, Paul Speigelman did the research for us! Very concisely Paul explains “what’s in” and “what’s out” so you can get a snapshot of which practice you may need to be releasing and then he instantly shares what you should be practicing.

For my steady readers it should be no surprise that my favorite shift in awareness and practice is #5… it’s all about people 🙂 Take 3 minutes to read the article and share your thoughts in the comments section regarding which practice you need to shake up and start practicing the more contemporary manner. It should be fun to see which one is most common with our reader!

Paul Speigelman, of, is a great writer who really distills it to the practical and tactical. Check out this quick and insightful article:10 Leadership Practice to Stop Today Article.


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