March 15


Business Resource: 7 modern workplace myths

YOUR Business Rescue Coach asks:
Do you know one of the 7 modern workplace myths?
I’ll share which myth I’ve carried a torch for over the years….

Steve Tobak, with his Thor-like writing style, writes another great article which requires us to do some critical thinking regarding what is and isn’t happening in our workplaces. Yep, Steve gives us a couple of stingers to really ponder about! Take a moment to conduct a “modern workplace reality check-in”. Do you already know or live one of the myths?

Steven’s #7 myth is my primary myth-buster that I share with (too) many who are unaware-ugh! So many people just aren’t understanding that a company is nothing but a reflection of all the people within it – all their decisions and actions are what make up a company. A company, onto its own, can do absolutely nothing until people bring it to life!

Now, I’ll also share my close second, which happens to be Steve’s #2 myth… I just posted about it recently!  One of my favorite Professors had a management tenet he shared in almost every class, “Communicate, communicate, communicate, until you are blue in the face… and then when you think you have communicated enough and effectively, start all over again!” I agree 100%!

Why don’t you review Steve’s article and share in the comment section
what you think about a particular myth or two!

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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
The Business Rescue Coach, Maggie Mongan
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  1. Not sure I agree with the article and boy, lots didn’t when they commented online with article. Also not sure these are ‘myths’; that word for this list confuses me. Unless its tongue in cheek. But I do agree with #7 — despite what the Supreme Court ruled–Corporation are not people, but people make corporations what they are.

    And I definitely think more communication is always needed!

    Overall, interesting and something to think about!

    Blake Cahoon

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