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Business Resource: 5 Tips for Entrepreneurs with Short Attention Spans Article

YOUR Business Rescue Coach asks this about YOUR Business Strategies:
Do you juggle a million and one things, but don’t get enough accomplished?
Is there so much chatter going on in your noggin that you forget key tasks?
Do you have endless ideas and To-Do List items, but not enough profit?

5 Practical Tips

Small Business Owners and Management or Business Leaders tend to answer yes to the above questions regarding strategies for business success… or sometimes business strategies wishing for success! When I ran across this article I was quite excited because these 5 tips will help a majority of business owners/leaders.

Over the years of working with such great clients, these 5 topics tend to become Action Items for my clients to work on 🙂  Yep, and they should be proud because they take on mastering these tasks and do a pretty good job of making great strides in these areas!

I find that the more Tip #1 can be accomplished, the easier it is to accomplish Tips 2-5. I am a firm believer in Tips 1-3. So much so that a version of Tip #3 is on my schedule for 3 times yet this year… sorta way cool how that happened 🙂

So let’s help ourselves out by doing the following accountability action item: in the comment section share which tip you would like to focus on first and why…

Read this CBS News Blog by  Michael Hess:  5 Tips of Entrepreneurs with short attention spans Article

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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
The Business Rescue Coach, Maggie Mongan
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