July 11


Business Rescue Coach’s Self-Discovery Branding Strategy: Unexpected Marketing Opportunity

Hello everyone! I am tardy in getting this to you, but there is a good reason: today’s  self-discovered strategy tip! Yes, even the Business Rescue Coach has her own stumbling blocks to overcome…

I have been struggling a bit with a great deal of new technology and/or every system (except my email) is a new software program. Yep, been swamped with new and steep learning curves with nearly every tool I use – my poor little brain has been hurting a great deal lately as it stretches to new frontiers. Wow, this feels like this is a “Starship Enterprise Captain’s Log Entry” from Star Trek,  doesn’t it?

The manager  or captain (in me) declares that these learning curves are a priority and critical to the business’s success and the marketer (in me) declares that visibility is the priority now. Well, guess who won? Management… saying “If you don’t know how to utilize the new tools, you won’t be able to convey your message effectively and efficiently!” Can you disagree with that fact? I can’t; however, marketing needs to be an ongoing and continuous activity.

So what did I do? I decided to keep my social media machine fully operational (and yes, I am one of those people that social media is part of the marketing equation). I also decided to give my little head a break from working on my re-imaging and re-branding my business and my persona while I stepped into all this training. Curious what happened?

So there I was, about to take an all day training program for a new enterprise software tool I invested in. I was impressed with this organization’s training process because the owners/trainers for all us newbies were well prepared and preempted us as to how the full day would occur. They also provided us with a list of what we had to have prepared prior to beginning the training. Now this is good business and I fully appreciated it!

Two of the things on their prep list were:  (1) short testimonial from a client and (2) a short bio. “OK, now we are back on track!” said the marketer in me 🙂  I was just blessed with having someone post a recommendation on my LinkedIn profile- thanks Donna Jo! …and it was absolutely perfect for this particular project. Next,  a miracle happened! The (my) ultra short bio was filled with all sorts of little surprises! I did this on the fly and way, way too late at night and it was pretty darn good. Whew!

Here’s it gets even better: the day after this training event, I had two meetings with a couple of great gents. One conversation will be saved for our next posting as it is its own topic. The second conversation helped me express what I had written a little further and I am polishing it up some today and tomorrow. This was such a great gift! I had the luxury to be with a live person (not just me in my little old head thinking I was creating something awesome) and getting feedback as to what I was sharing about who the Business Rescue Coach is and why Brilliant Breakthroughs exists. Thanks Dean for your insights!

Self-Discovery Clues:
1. I remembered something I routinely preach and forgot to apply: everything is a marketing opportunity.
2. Marketing is a balancing act.
3. I need to redefine my SMART Goals for Marketing.
4. Feedback from your ideal customer is paramount to your message’s success!

Branding Questions for YOU:
1. Do you see every opportunity as a marketing opportunity?
2. Do you have a balance blend between traditional marketing and social media?
3. Have you developed a SMART Goal for your marketing activities?

Blessings of Success to YOU!
The Business Rescue Coach, Maggie Mongan
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.


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