June 13


Business Rescue Coach’s Self Discovery of Excellence

Hello all!

I want to share with you something quite wonderful that a man, Peter F. Drucker (the father of effective and efficient modern business), shares about individual development.

The first priority on one’s own development is to strive for excellence. Worksmanship counts, not just because it makes such a difference in the quality of the job done, but because it makes such a difference in the person doing the job. Expect the job to provide stimulus only if you work on your self-renewal, only if you create the excitement, the challenge, the transformation that makes an old job enriching over and over again. The most effective road to self-renewal is to look for the “unexpected success” and run with it. The critical factor for success is accountability–holding yourself accountable. Everything else flows from that.” (p. 177 of The Daily Drucker, 2004).

OK, so how does this apply to my journey of Re-imagining and Re-branding a wildly successful and insanely profitable business? Well, remember in the last blog I had two, yes count them, two priorities: mastery of social media in 2011 AND re-branding/re-imaging Brilliant Breakthroughs to house The Business Rescue Coach (which is an expanding role for me). My previous awareness was that I had to pick one over the other. In this particular case, this is the furthest thing from bringing success to realization. My SMART GOAL (for you Brian Tracy fans) is to have all aspects of my business running like a well oiled machine by this calendar’s year end. Additionally, I placed a thrust to have most of it completed in September.

In order to do this I must have all my marketing in place. And now here is the kicker: I can only have effective marketing in place if I have my new brand/image precise. This time, and this is not common at all, but this particular time the two projects actually do go hand-in-hand! Whew- what a sigh of relief! Drucker’s “Strive for Excellence” helped me tie this together quite nicely and I am invigorated again 🙂

Self-Discovery Clues:
1. Stop immediately when something is not exciting, challenging, or enriching.
2. Ask myself what I am trying to achieve.
3. Find a different way of completing it (accountability) successfully.
4. Keep looking at how I can collaborate projects or tasks and strategize and plan accordingly.

Questions for YOU:

1. Which task/project isn’t exciting, challenging, or enriching you today?
2. How can you switch up your approach to your project/tasks to be self-renewed while completing it?
3. Will you create a new strategy of how you will achieve this and take at least one action to accomplish this for yourself and your business yet this week?

*Take advantage of the opportunity to gain some visibility and share by clicking the comments button and telling us your new strategy!

Blessings of Success to YOU~
The Business Rescue Coach, Maggie Mongan
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.


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