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Business Movie Review: Pirates of the Caribbean ~ On Stranger Tides

Let’s Stop, Look, and Listen

to what the movies can teach

us about our businesses…

We receive lessons in the most unique places. Believe it or not, the movies provide wonderful business lessons for us! I enjoy noticing lessons which share what to do, or what not to do, as I find both are of equal value! So let’s look at this summertime bonus movie review of:

The Business Rescue Coach's Movie Review July 2011
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What can the 2011 Pirates of the Caribbean

sailing On Stranger Tides

teach us about our business?

Captain Jack Sparrow is at it again- except this time with either his best performance, or best performance since the original movie,  when he charmed us summers ago… I love Capt. Jack Sparrow because he follows his heart. His passion guides him through everything he does and guides him to success and satisfaction!   (NO spoilers here)

Your business’s identity is crucial and builds your credibility

In the extended opening scene of the movie, when Jack Sparrow is sitting with an authority figure, Jack is asked, “Are you the infamous Jack Sparrow?” to which he factually responds, “I believe there should be a Captain in there somewhere.”

How do your ideal customers know you are the best business to satisfy their needs if they don’t know who you are and your capabilities? They don’t. Be wise and help them out 🙂 Let them know why you are the solution they seek!

Know your competition (this is an understatement)

There is a scene where Capt. Jack Sparrow and his treasure-seeking competition land in the same space (not going to be a spoiler for you).  So the Captain and the competition are on the same path, with the same goal; however their approach to accomplishing their goal is totally different. Actually, time and time again throughout this movie you will see this to be true… If you want to take the ship- you must know and anticipate your competition’s every move!

Plan for change to occur – be adaptable

Throughout the movie, Captain Jack constantly captivates his viewers with the classic “switcheroo”.  I ask, how is this any different than a typical day at work? Not so much! We need to make sure that our plan creates cushion for us to adapt when necessary. I think this is one concept is the best written aspect of the movie!

Balancing your strategies

I won’t say anything more, just watch the scene from the Ship of the Chalices and you will see it demonstrated exquisitely. Questions for you: (1) Are your strategies well balanced? (2) Do you move through your strategies in a fluid manner or do you do your balancing act in a dis-jointed manner?

Impossibilities can become Reality!

Just about each scene has our beloved Captain in what appears to be an impossible situation. But, true to character, he doesn’t give up. He is creative with his solutions and utilizes everything that is accessible to him.  How do you do this? Could you do this better? What one “impossible thing” could you make a reality in your business?  Or, perhaps another way to ask: What is your Fountain of Youth or Black Pearl matey?

YOUR compass will lead you to freedom

Your compass, your True North, is defined by you and your passion.  Your business needs you to be 100% oriented to your Truth North. Share your True North with everyone so they know where to send someone who is in need of your services. Anyone remember the storyline of the Captain’s Compass?… shhh, don’t spoil it!

Action is the accelerant of success!

Captain Jack Sparrow’s success was always a result of his actions. Close to the end of the movie, Captain Sparrow kept moving and when it appeared he had absolutely nowhere else to go and nothing else left to do… what did he do?  Why of course he kept moving … and voila! He was “uplifted” to the next level for him to create a new strategy and continue proceeding toward his major goal.

How many times have you fallen short of completing the actions to secure your success? You know, the last mile of the journey? I just heard someone say, “It’s always lonely on the last mile because most give up prior to it”. AKA: perseverance serves you well – if you allow it to! Look at one thing that you are about to give up on before its completion… create a new plan to assure your success through your last mile!

Don’t always believe everything that a beautiful mermaid tells you 🙂

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, I suggest you do. You will appreciate the unique story line. It is quite relevant to building successful strategies, adjusting them when necessary to assure optimum performance.

Next Review: 3 Business Lessons from Mr. Popper’s Penguins 

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