May 11


Business Cycles- Is your business blossoming?

Business Cycles – Is YOUR Business Blossoming?

Business Cycle Blooming depicted through orange and yellow day lillies
How brightly are your profits blossoming?

Do you nurture your business?
Are you reaping your harvest?

Have you sown enough seeds?

Business cycles are never-ending. Your business is always in a cycle. Business cycles impact your profit. Business cycles are actually what is driving your revenue trends.

In Which Phase of the Business Cycle
are YOUR Offerings?

This weekend I was outside tending to spring gardening and landscaping. As you know I’m a fan of nature teaching us business strategies (see a blog on what we learn from ants or our blog on 5 sales lessons from a tomato plant). This weekend while I was trimming the shrubs which didn’t survive the winter, I was thinking about how they appeared to be fine fine in fall when I did their late fall trimming. Then I started thinking about how often businesses create an offering (product or service) and its success may fluctuate.

Just like the shrubbery, offerings might not thrive. The business cycles of a new products is tricky. Just like new shrubs, new products may need extra support and care (tweaking) to produce the business cycle success you seek! When you continuously tend to your new offering, you will be able to reap a great harvest. That’s when your revenue blossoms.

Do you spend extra care tending to your new offerings?

Nurturing your new offerings is critical. Your reward for this exquisite care is a product blossoming or increasing revenues. Make sure you are taking time to continually care for your offerings to prolong your business cycle.

Review which stage of the business cycle each of your offerings is currently in. Then tend to each one to boost the success of its business cycle by nurturing it appropriately.

During this springtime, take time to assess the landscape of your offerings and become the best gardener you can be to assure your harvest is bountiful this year!

Please feel free to share any questions, comments, or tips regarding how you tend to your offerings so they blossom fully…


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p. s.: Make a date with your offerings to review which one could benefit the most from you tending to improving or extending its business cycle. Then get busy nurturing it!


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