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Beverly Hills Cop: Brilliant Business Movie Review

 “Beverly Hills Cop” (1984)
Brilliant Business Movie Review

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Classic comedy, Beverly Hills Cop teaches small business owners.

What can this humorous movie
teach us about the business strategies:
Risk, Listening, & Playfulness?

The Brilliant Breakthroughs’ Brilliant Business Movie Reviews emerged because movies are a great way to be inspired and/or learn from a fresh perspective! Summer officially started earlier this week and I thought I would review a movie that seems to be a “summertime” movie. Imagine my surprise when I saw the release date of December for the original Beverly Hills Cop movie! I don’t know if it feels like a summer movie because of the movie’s setting or because I was living in the land of eternal summer (Hawaii) when it came out.

Beverly Hills Cop is great movie from the 80s. It’s light-hearted with plenty of shenanigans delivered by Murphy (who is the police officer, Axel Foley). His dedication to seeking justice definitely gets in the way of his personal life. He has fun while protecting the world from bad guys. Note: The opening scene is long and great! Have fun watching this one and remembering some popular songs from the 80s if the movie the soundtrack.

“Beverly Hills Cop” Business Strategy #1:

As Axel Foley arrives in Beverly Hills, he drives to an exquisite hotel and accepts a suite for his room. Of course, he has no means to pay for it.

Strategy #1: YOUR Risk Factor Aversion
Do you avert risk or do you step into it with great abandon?
There are times in business when it is good, even wise, to take a risk. There are other times it is just foolish to accept risk. Unfortunately, we don’t actually know until after the risk is accepted if it was beneficial. Some of the most successful businesses became so because they accepted a single risk. Again, be wise while considering risk – seek advisement as often as possible.

“Beverly Hills Cop” Business Strategy #2:
Listening Leaders

When Foley arrives on the scene at the Beverly Hills Cops’ HQ, the Captain doesn’t listen to him. This happens repeatedly.

Strategy #2: YOUR Listening Capabilities
Do you listen to what others are telling you?
Business Owners-Leaders need to be “deep listening” at all times. Everything you hear and research is a clue to improving your, your team’s, or your business’s performance. I’ve noticed that many people are too busy trying to persuade others to listen to them. Instead, they should be listening to others who are dropping clues all over the place most of the time. Listening more and talking less will serve you well – especially at networking events.

“Beverly Hills Cop” Business Strategy #3:

Foley sticks a banana up the exhaust pipe of someone’s car after a diversion is created.
Strategy #3: YOUR Funny Bone
Do you feel like you had your funny bone surgically removed? OK, maybe it’s underdeveloped. Business doesn’t need to be sterile and life-sucking. Remember, that’s the type of place you said you’d never work for. Have you unknowingly created one? What can you do to bring a little light-heartedness back into business? One of the things I do to lift the mood is play some be-bopping 80s music. Hey, I guess that fits in with this movie! Do something different: take a Wednesday afternoon off and go to the beach, order pizza, or do the Limbo during lunch. It doesn’t matter, just have fun.Beverly Hills Cop Movie Bonus Strategy: Hunches
This movie was filled with Foley following his hunches.
Hunches often guide us to something we normally wouldn’t think of or do. Do you follow your hunches? If not, start noticing your hunches and wisely follow a couple. You may be surprised at the outcome.Take a moment to share in the comments section…
Which “
Beverly Hills Cop” business strategy would serve YOUR Business best at this time?
I’d be happy to learn how I can help you clarify and simplify strategies and actions to improve great profit and your success!


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  1. Great job, I really liked the Beverly Hills Cop blog post. It really resonated with me. I get each of the points you laid out, but also grasped a deeper understanding of the importance too.

    Great Job, Brilliant Blog Post. I have come to expect no less.

    Thank You,

    David Kocol

    1. Thanks David! Yes, what I write is “right on” for anyone who chooses to apply-so glad you got that. As you know we oversimplify here for the business strategies and tips to be applicable for most Business Owners-Leaders. And I’m thrilled you were able to pick up the deeper understanding and how to apply these to your business for even greater success! Ahhh, it sounds like you are a good grasshopper 🙂

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