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Aquaman: Business Movie Review

The movie Aquaman is entertaining and educational. Common business lessons are illustrated through the storyline.

Business Movie Review

The movie “Aquaman” teaches business strategies of 
Advances, Negotiations, Partnerships

Aquaman (2018) movie has received plenty of accolades. I wasn’t sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised by a great storyline with phenomenal special effects and acting. The main character (Aquaman) is born to an aqua Mom and a human Dad. His Mom is a queen of one of the aquatic communities. It’s a time of strife among the aquatic communities. There is also conflict between the aquatic and the land (human) communities. Aquaman must decide his role in life and within both communities. Is there a love story in the middle of amazing aquatic battles? Yes – two! Don’t worry, no spoilers here.

Enjoy this movie while you see how it provides insights to improve YOUR Business Success ! 

Business Strategy #1 

Aquaman has exceptional gifts and capabilities from both land and sea. Circumstances occur, which require Aquaman to decide which realm will be his residence. Essentially, he is being called to step into his destiny. 

How often throughout your professional career (yes, even you Small Business Owners) are you asked to step into your truth? If you are like most Business Leaders, it’s probably more often than you realized. Over time, I’ve seen many people make this become much harder than it needs to be. Remember to be more graceful with honoring what is calling you forward.

Business Strategy #2 

Throughout the plot, there are numerous moments of negotiations. Starting the negotiation as a diplomat is Aquaman’s approach. Of course, it wouldn’t be a good action movie if everyone agreed; yet, he always takes the high road in his negotiations.

When you are negotiating, do you allow others the opportunity to shine? Do you take and stay on the high road regardless of what is occurring? Remember: Ideally, the goal of any negotiation should be for it to be a win-win. Be mindful of both parties when negotiating. 

Business Strategy #3 

Human or aquatic, each of Aquaman’s relationships is a partnership. He understands the power of collaborating to accomplish something greater than if he did it alone. He shows up powerfully in his partnerships and does his best to achieve common goals.

There are many ways and opportunities for you to partner or collaborate with others in business. Regardless of what you commit to, remember to show up strong. Strong in your conviction to achieve the common goal. Strong in how you consistently show up. One of the greatest assets in a partnership for you to attain is becoming dependable. 

Feel free to share in the comment section which one of the Business Strategies from the Aquaman movie would serve YOUR Business best right now?

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