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Allow me to introduce Kerrie Hoffman

Allow me to introduce:
Kerrie Hoffman

Learn from Kerrie Hoffman, as she reveals the mindset most aren’t speaking of – having a Digitally Expanded Mindset™. This significantly improves YOUR Business’s Performance

Today’s blogging guest, is Human Potential Expert, Kerrie Hoffman, who is one the members of the Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner #1 Bestselling Book Series Author Team. On November 13, 2019 a group of 8 Brilliant Practicing ExpertsTM  lead by Maggie Mongan, will be releasing their book to coincide with National Entrepreneurs Month. It is written specifically for Small Business Owners, by Small Business Owners, to help you learn how to win BIG at small business in the 21st century!

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To give you a glimpse of a couple different chapters, I invited our co-authors to write a short guest blog to learn about why their chapter topic is important to YOUR Business Success.

I’d like to introduce you to Kerrie Hoffman

Kerrie Hoffman Professional Headshot
Learn what Kerrie Hoffman says you need for your business’s Digital Transformation.

In Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner: Fresh Perspectives on Profitability, People, Productivity, and Finding Peace in Your Business – Vol  3, Business Author Kerrie Hoffman shares her wisdom by introducing “Digital Mindset Required: Preparing Small Business for a Quantum Leap”. Kerrie’s research for this chapter is a practical introduction and invitation for you to alter your mindset to be prepared for the technological advances, which will ultimately improve the human experience. Of course, if we learn how to adapt to it.

The following is what Kerrie Hoffman wants to share with you:

Why is Business Accelerating?

Business is accelerating, we all feel this on a daily basis. Have you ever stopped to wonder why? This acceleration is largely due to rapid development of new technologies. In fact, technology is now being released at an exponential rate. Yet the adoption of these new technologies is lagging.

The impact this has on our businesses is profound. Do you have things in your business which used to work really well and now not so much? Why is this the case?

From the Industrial Age to The Next Age™

We are moving out of the Industrial Age and into The Next Age™. The way business is conducted when industry moves from one age to the next is drastically different. I like to say we are moving from Traditional Business in the Industrial Age to Digital Business in The Next Age™.

How is Digital Business Different?

The first question is how is Digital Business drastically different from Traditional Business? Business is becoming extremely Customer centric, increasingly mobile, and very high velocity. The two latter descriptors are somewhat intuitive. Let’s focus on understanding Extreme Customer Centricity.

Extreme Customer Centricity means understanding our customer at a very deep level. In fact, every employee in your business should have regular contact with the customer. This consistency of customer contact is an opportunity to understanding our customers issues.

And if you work with B2B customers, meaning they also have customers, it’s an opportunity to understand your customer’s, customers issues. Extreme Customer centricity then takes it one step further by adjusting our business models, products and services to solve those customer issues.

What’s the Best Way to Start Transforming to Digital Business?

Earlier I mentioned an exponential growth in technology causing business to accelerate. In order to effortlessly move into the stream of accelerated business, the gap of adopting exponential technologies must be closed. One of the best ways to close the gap and start on your path to Digital Business is to cultivate a Digitally Expanded Mindset™.

There are 5 aspects to a Digitally Expanded Mindset™:

  1. Individual and organizational behaviors and attitudes, which ultimately see the possibility in the digital era. You must believe digital is within reach as a prerequisite to taking any action.
  2. A belief in the power of modern technology to systematize, scale, and speed up every interaction.
  3. An abundance mentality is collaborative, open, appreciative, and trusting. The traditional business world is built on a mentality of scarcity. 
  4. Comfort with ambiguity is necessary as there is an enormous amount of ambiguity during any transformation. According to The Business Dictionary, the word transformation is defined as, “a process of profound and radical change that orients an organization in a new direction and takes it to an entirely different level of effectiveness” (, para. 1).
  5. Having a growth outlook in Digital Business means you are an explorer, have agility, adjust to change, thrive in diversity, and seek resources and answers.

Kerrie Hoffman Emphasizes:
Be Open to the Possibilities – the Opportunity is Immense

The main point of today’s blog is two-fold. First to understand business is changing dramatically as we move to Digital Business in The Next Age™. The Second is to be open to the possibilities by understanding there is a dramatic difference between Traditional Business and Digital Business, and to start cultivating a Digitally Expanded Mindset™.

It will take many years for businesses to make the move to The Next Age™. Those choosing to remain in the Industrial Age will decline over time. Some have already made the move and have accelerated into the Digital Flow. The opportunity for those moving now is immense and will accelerate their growth. ~Kerrie


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