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About Us at Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.

Maggie Mongan is the Business Rescue Coach
Maggie Mongan is YOUR Leadership & Business Coach


Certified MasterMind Executive Coach:
Maggie Mongan,
CEO and Founder of Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.

Marguerite, or as many call her Maggie, has been called a “Rarefied Pioneer in Business”. Her approach is fresh and sometimes appears to be out of this world, but it works and everyone has fun and is empowered in the process! Transforming people and building dynamic businesses is the game of this Coach.

Maggie helps Business Owners, Mid-Managers, Entrepreneurs, and Executives re-ignite their spark to become conscious, deliberate, and high-performing leaders who lead high-performing and profitable businesses. Maggie’s fun and focused approach creates a safe space to explore the best way for individuals and businesses to perform at their peak. OK, identifying your peak and then learning to function at this level is a stretch for most. Consider it similar to starting a new work-out program a dedicated coach to your success tends to serve you quite well.

Coach Maggie is devoted to helping all her clients transform their worlds into ones which allow them and/or their businesses to shine brilliantly. Armed with more than 20 years of management experience, more bruises than her myriad of notable certifications and degrees, Maggie blends traditional business and cutting edge practices into a practical and tactical reality for her clients.

Have you ever thought that someone would be saying to you,
“Please, take advantage of all my expertise,
best as you can – for a fraction of the cost!”

Maggie’s dynamic and sometimes unorthodox approach is guaranteed to stimulate multi-potent deliverables. If you are a catalyst of change, she will amaze you at how easy and simple this truly can be! Yes, in less than a year you can make a sustainable professional change which will deliver the successes you seek! One of her most provocative messages is about the benefit of living a congruent life, both personally and professionally.

Bottom-line: If you are interested in Transforming YOUR Professional Fate Into YOUR Destiny, Maggie will help you begin by starting with the Basics of Performance: Purpose, Vision, and Mission and then effectively proceed to Productivity, Leadership, and Business Management Optimization – all for you to gain the relief and success you seek! Who knows – your successes might even be highlighted in her upcoming business book.

Maggie, is the founder and CEO of Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc., where she helps Business Leaders and Business Optimize Performance, via improving business strategies, and becoming a competitive advantage through investing inside their own box first – you, your team, your internal business operations. Simply stated: she helps Business Leaders develop happy, healthy, and high-performing businesses where success and profits aren’t dirty little words here, but a result of a brilliant business! You won’t regret contacting her!

So who is Coach Magge?

Business Rescue Coach Maggie resides in Southern Wisconsin. She is a country girl at heart who also has a blast playing in the big city! Thirty years ago she married a U.S. Marine, which provided her an opportunity to witness elite leadership and training. Additionally, Maggie has two adult sons, who are taking the world by storm in the music industry. On any given day from March to November, you can find her on a Harley motorcycle looking all snappy, waving, and smiling at folks.

Being an eternal optimist and a Breakthrough Expert, Maggie accepts that she is a conduit to assist other people when they “get stuck” or “are in need of attaining the next level”. She has fun and enjoys helping others actualize something that they didn’t even realize was even possible – their true destiny! Want to bring YOUR DESTINY INTO REALITY?

To contact Maggie Mongan, YOUR Business Rescue Coach

Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.
Maggie Mongan
Waterford, WI 53185 USA

To contact via Phone: (262) 716-7750 (Central Time)

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