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5 Leadership Lessons from Captain Kirk

Five Leadership Lessons from the infamous Captain Kirk

Fearless Leader: Captain Kirk (Image by: en.wiki.org)
Fearless Leader: Captain Kirk (Image by: en.wiki.org)

Do you know how Captain Kirk lead?
Are you familiar with Star Treks’ Captain Kirk’s leadership style?
Do you know which lesson of Captain Kirk’s you follow most often?

As you know we kicked off our leadership topic for the month in our last post, click here:
Leadership: Exactly what is it? post

So naturally I was reading an article in Forbes about leadership, and then, I was lead to this leadership article… “Five Leadership Lessons from James T. Kirk“, the infamous Captain of The Enterprise in the Star Trek TV series.

When I read this I laughed… probably like some people as they read my business movie reviews (we almost have 40 movies for you to review and watch now)! Yet, there was some great insight into the beloved and first leader, Captain James T. Kirk, of the Star Trek saga.

Please click on the link below and read Alex Knapp’s great article on Forbes.com:

Then feel free to answer the question below in our comment section:
Which lesson do you think made Captain James T. Kirk a great leader?

Personally, I think Captain Kirk became a great leader because of lesson #2: “Have advisors with different world views”. I think many people don’t apply #5: “Blow up the Enterprise” as often as they should whether it is an organization/business or an offering. Being a good Business Leader is about knowing when to cut your losses! (Hint: It gets easier after the first time!)

The lesson I think is most important for Business Leaders is #1: “Never Stop Learning”. I believe the moment a leader thinks they know everything is the defining moment they fail and demonstrate just how little they do know.

Today, knowledge is power. You have heard me say before that “wisdom is the application of knowledge”. Maggie’s lesson: Be open-minded enough to always be learning from different perspectives AND be wise and learn how to apply the knowledge to optimize leadership and business performance 🙂

Your Business Rescue Coach wants to know: What made Captain Kirk a great leader? What’s YOUR secret to great leadership? Please share in the comment sections so we can learn from each other 🙂

“Don’t be an Agent FOR Change; be an Agent OF Change.” ~Maggie Mongan


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  1. Love the analogies! As a big Star Trek fan, I based my leader decisons on the style of Kirk and also Picard (Star Trek: the Next Generation.) I think it’s essential to have others help you (advisors) and also also knowing when to cut your losses. Knowledge is power most certainly.

    Blake Cahoon
    Illuminated Engagements for Whole-Being

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