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5 Business Lessons from a Wise Grasshopper

Business Lessons from a Grasshopper:
Here to help you, a Business Leader hop your way to success!

Business lessons are plentiful. How many do you learn from nature?
What can a grasshopper’s behavior teach you about business?

drawing of green grasshopper rwaiting to share business lessons
5 Business Lessons from Grasshopper

Mother Nature is a great provider of lessons, even business lessons! Once in a while I share what I am observing in nature and share how to apply this wisdom to business. Some Business leaders /owners really like these posts, especially the one on Ants. It seems only fitting to give the grasshopper a moment to brighten your business as well!

Grasshoppers offering Business Lessons to All

In the Aesop’s fable of the Ant and the Grasshopper, the ant is industrious and working all summer while the grasshopper is busy making music and dancing about. When winter comes and food is scarce the grasshopper asks the ant for some generosity. The ant declines. The question is what happens to the grasshopper? There has been a myriad of adaptations throughout the years. Regardless, it is commonly thought that they grasshopper is a slacker. To that I say poppycock!

The grasshopper works all summer long securing their family’s future. While they are doing that, they are busy creating a wonderful “song” for us to listen to throughout the summer and early fall months. Then, when the weather starts getting too cold, they find homes for their eggs and lay them in cracks they find in the ground. Researchers reveal the adult grasshoppers wither away in the winter’s cold.

5 Grasshopper Business Lessons to apply
to your own business:

1. Stay busy – on task
2. Make work pleasant (chirping/music, etc.)
3. Rest when needed – vacations are important
4. Be proactive – prepare for your slow season
5. Ask for help when you need it

YOUR Business is your future. Even though the Holiday Season is nearing, take time now to sow your seeds. Do as the grasshopper – lay your  eggs for an upcoming year filled with leaps and bounds of success and prosperity!

Curious Coach wants to know: Which tip is the one to help your business be “hoppening”?


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