February 17


3 Tips for Business Owners to Immediately Boost Focus

Boost Focus for Business Owners is illustrated by a military trained German Shepard dog with full military harness and an American Flag patch sniffing a pith in a desert location.
Here’s 3 simple and powerful tips to boost focus for YOUR Business’s Performance to Soar.

3 Tips for Business Owners to
Immediately Boost Focus

Boost focus – what’s that?
Do you feel like your mojo is already flat this year?
What can you do to boost focus and passion immediately?

Immediately boost focus? What the heck does that mean? A Business Owner’s journey isn’t always filled with sunshine and roses. Even the glittered rainbow unicorn can be elusive to most. The latter half of February is when many Business Owners plow into one obstacle after another and it impedes their Business’s Performance.

Late February’s Obstacles often Flatten
Business Owners and their Success!

This isn’t any different than the health craze of New Years Day. By mid-February most people have fallen off their path to wellness. Once the commitment was to hard to maintain, it’s rationalized and dropped like a hot potato!

Guess what? Business Owners often have the same behavioral pattern occur. They run into difficulties and allow it to flatten their mojo. This phenomena is concentrated in late February because Business Owners have high hopes for the new year, but often don’t have the support to combat obstacles! This another form of self sabotage. So how can you combat this?

3 Tips to Immediately Boost YOUR Focus

  1. Hire a Business Coach who is specifically experienced in what you are trying to accomplish. Then do exactly what they teach you. Learn from someone else’s experiences of failure and success.
  2. Find a role model to assist you. This relationship should be in book form. Read and learn about a person you’ve admired or some one who accomplished something exceptional. Allow them to teach, inspire, and motivate you. When you get stuck, contemplate how they would handle your obstacle and try their approach.
  3. Watch a movie and see how the main character/s manages whatever the obstacle/s are facing them. If you click on the categories section in the right sidebar of our site, click on “Movie Reviews for Business Strategies”. We have business reviews (tips and strategies learned from the movie). There are over 40 movies of all genres to watch and glean some insight to assist you.

FYI: Next week’s Business Movie Review: “Kung Fu Panda 3. (I just love that crazy little guy!) After you read the new or old reviews, make a comment – I respond to comments.

Once you boost focus on your business again, your passion for it will soar and it will attract plenty of attention for YOUR Business.

Remember: People are in need of your service.
Instead of making them wait – just arrive on the scene and share your awesomeness!

A Business Owner’s focus and passion are essential to their business’s success. How do you notice your mojo is going flat? What do you do to change it up? Please share in the comment section.


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p.s. If you’re local, I invite you to join the Meet up for Wisconsin Business Owners. It’s a great way to boost focus while learning about how to support YOUR Business. Next Lunch & Learn: February 26, 2016.

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  1. I read something inspiring almost EVERY day! And I have a Brilliant Business Coach too! 🙂

    On top of that I am learning that less is more in a day. If I stay focused on one area of business for the day I get more done in that particular area and feel good about it!

    Stacy Kaat Photographer
    Enhancing your Visual Brand

    1. Less is more is a great way to approach many things. Love hearing that Simplicity rules once again! By the way, congratulate yourself for knowing and honoring when it was time to get a great Business Coach on your team to assist you in attaining your goals. Thanks for the compliment 🙂

      Your approach of diving into one thing a day is a pretty cool idea. I had never thought about this approach. Yet, I do believe in doing things in batches, which is similar but not quite the same. Glad you found what works for you! Maybe someone else reading this will give your winning formula a try if they need to switch something up! Keep rocking the free world 🙂

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