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Jack Frost Movie poster with a big magical snowman and the family of Jack Frost with his wife and son in front of the snowman wearing a red scarf and black hat.

Jack Frost (1998): Business Movie Review

Jack Frost (1998) Business Movie Review: Jack Frost teaches us about the business strategies of Bullying, Priorities, & Promises Jack Frost (1998) is a great wintertime PG rated movie. Michael Keaton plays Jack Frost, a lead singer in a very rocking band, who is trying to get the one big break. Jack is also a loving father […]

"Taking time off" before it's too late is illustrated with an antique watch open with the time of 1:08 pm showing. it is upright amidst other antique pocket watches.

Taking time off improves performance – believe it!

Taking time off improves performance! Taking time off during the holidays isn’t always easy, is it? Did you take enough time off this past week? Are you looking to take a longer time-out? Want to improve YOUR Performance? Start taking more time off now. Any productivity research I read always reveals taking time off improves […]

This movie poster for The Christmas Card movie poster is illustrated with a uniformed soldier tenderly hugging a women as she begins to turn to him.

The Christmas Card: Business Movie Review

The Christmas Card (2006) Business Movie Review: The Christmas Card teaches us about the business strategies of Team Support, Community Involvement, & Simplicity The Christmas Card is my husband and my favorite Christmas movie. Why have we watched every year since it first aired on TV? It has all the makings of a good movie: acknowledging our […]

Business Owners Surviving Christmas tip illustrated as a Christmas gift wrapped in Christmas tree paper and glittering green and golden bows.

Business Owners surviving the week of Christmas

Business Owners surviving all the activities during the week of Christmas – How? Missing the Peace and Joy of this Holiday Season? Do you have a game plan to survive Christmas? How will you make it through this week? Are you and fellow Business Owners surviving the Christmas Holiday or thriving this Christmas Season? I’m […]

The movie "Bad Santa" illustrated through movie poster with Santa, a child, and elf, and angry man.

Bad Santa Best Business Strategy Movie Review

Bad Santa (2003) Business Movie Review: Bad Santa teaches us about the business strategies: Failure, Judgment, & Arrogance? Bad Santa is a modern Christmas Classic. Most people forget that John Ritter plays a big role in this movie. I can’t imagine how many times they had to retake his character’s lines. I’m sure it’s because Billy […]

Coach Lombardi said, "Winners are made." illustrated by a potter forming or molding a piece of clay on a potters wheel.

Coach Lombardi wisdom for Business Owners

Coach Lombardi shares some wisdom… for Business Owners to apply! Coach Lombardi is still considered one of the most inspirational coaches of all times. He told the truth about the good, bad, and ugly of success and victory. He didn’t sugar coat anything. He was a man of integrity and commanded it from his players […]

2 secrets to better manage your Holiday Madness illustrated by 2 girls wearing sweaters and in a woods setting are sharing a secret.

2 Secrets for Business Owners Holiday Madness Management

2 Secrets for Business Owners’ Holiday Madness Management Not sure how to manage the Holidays this year? Holiday Madness is real! Are you frazzled? Holiday Madness Management should be a required course when you begin operating a Small Business. Business Owners need to learn how to move through this time of the year with greater […]

Business Owner Concentration improves performance during the Holidays and year round. Illustrated by a male gymanist swinging his legs around the pommel horse.

Business Owner Concentration during the Holidays

Business Owner Concentration Sustained During the Holiday Season Business Owner Concentration is often difficult to sustain throughout the Holiday Season. We aren’t so unique, everyone has a little stronger “Bright Shiny Object Syndrome” to contend with this time of year. Yet, YOUR Business’s profit may depend on this one tip being applied. BUSINESS OWNER CONCENTRATION FOCUS: […]

Ending business on a high note is illustrated by a musical note bar and "2015" below it.

Ending business on a high note in 2015 for business owners

Ending Business on a High Note in 2015: Business Owners sharing great news! Ending business this year is phenomenally strong for many small business this year! Are you one of them? What is this Business Coach noticing as this year wraps-up? This year’s Business performance has been a mixed bag for some, but most are sharing how […]

Developing Relationships is illustrated by image of tractor partnering to bring in the harvest.

1 Tip for Developing Relationships to Grow Business

Developing Relationships with Customers to Grow YOUR Business Have you ever been impressed with good service? Are you developing relationships with your customers? Why do you support certain businesses? Developing Relationships to grow YOUR Business is essential. Yet this is often over-looked by many small business owners! YOUR Business’s Performance depends upon you developing relationships […]