October 12


Discovery: 10 Steps of Exploration and Corrections for Business

Allow this 10 Step Discovery Process to pull you out of the fog! Depicted by a pirates ship caught at sea in the haze.
Allow this 10 Step Discovery Process to pull you out of the fog!

Discovery: Exploration and Corrections
of Business Activities
Simplified 10 Step Discovery Process

Discovery is a process. Have you ever thought about it as such? I didn’t until recently. Part of this new awareness is reading up on Christopher Columbus and a recent event. It’s worth sharing with you. But first, let’s give our friends and customers to the north a big Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

Discovery a necessary process for business

Simplifying and improving YOUR Business’s performance is ongoing. I find there are two times when the discovery process is predominant for businesses. Start-up: when everything needs to be developed. The other is the ongoing continuous improvement phase, which can be activated for any part of your business at any time. There’s no need for you business to be a ship at sea floating in the fog. Here’s a great tool to help you get to your destination.

The often underutilized 10 Step Discovery Process:

  1. Imagine a new X.
  2. Explore the current gap between where you are and your new desired X.
  3. Conduct research regarding how X can benefit your business.
  4. Research the necessary steps to bring X to life.
  5. Plan your journey.
  6. Prepare with all the necessary resources.
  7. Start your new journey.
  8. Constantly check with your map (plan) if you are on course.
  9. Take corrective action when off course.
  10. Celebrate when your new X is realized.

During the start-up or clean-up phases of business, this process is activated in every aspect of YOUR Business. Often, this is why these steps may become mentally challenging. Each aspect of business is in a different phase of the 10 Steps of Discovery. This requires you to keep everything moving forward.

Which Discovery Step do you typically overlook?

TIP: When you start any new project, begin with this process. It will serve you well if you utilize it as a guide. Allow it to assist you through your discovery process and implementation phases to complete any project.

America loves Discovery: Columbus Day still lives on!

People love all the aspects of discovery. Even when it is clear that Christopher Columbus didn’t discover America, we still celebrate this Day of Discovery. Why not get into the spirit of things and help YOUR Business with its Discovery Process?

I’d like to thank fellow Wisconsin Business Owner Robert Grede of The Grede Company. He inviting me to stop and do a quality check on my business this past week!

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